"The president of the American Bar Association begins a nationwide tour,
giving speeches on the dangers of Treaty Law:
'The doctrine that the treaty power is unlimited and omnipotent and may
be used to OVERRIDE the Constitution and the Bill of Rights... is a
doctrine of recent origin and largely derived from Missouri v. Holland.'"
Story of the "Bricker" Amendment: the First Phase, 1948
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US      
We must bring this draconian gov to trial
 -- Deno Gettas, London ON     
    4 September's quotes are OUTSTANDING... Terrifying and bone chilling to be sure, but outstanding nonetheless. Be wary of those who would suggest "It can't happen here."
     -- Brian, Camp Taji, Iraq     
     -- Anonymous      
    The concept that treaties can supercede the Constitution is a legalism with NO! lawful premiss. By way of a very terse example: Each unconstitutional act is illegal, unenforceable, and void ab initio. When those that hold position of 'Representative', act outside the scope of their Constitutionally defined office (including subject matter), their acts are illegal, unenforceable, and void ab initio. Those attempting to make treaties superceding the Constitution should be tried for treason.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
  • 3
    I agree Mike although I struggle with the legal mumbojumbo in the referenced case it states "Acts of Congress are the supreme law of the land only when made in pursuance of the Constitution," so any "treaty" thats "starts" wrong (reference above quote) as you have stated is void. As long as we have the power to vote for whom so ever we will it is our responsibility to govern our selves. Lets vote fro change.
     -- Sam, Alabama     
    To further abrogate individual and State's rights. Although we might vote and hope, none the less, socialism and communism spread like fire through a burning forest. Abolish the UN, remove it from our soil. Tar, feathers and swing sets. WDC with their evolving constitutional theory is garbage ! Original intent is clear ! Private interpretation is a ploy of robbers and thieves !
     -- Ronw13, Yachats Or     
  • 1
    What irks me is that the ABA is a private organization, in fact a monopoly, that has hijacked the legal system. A 'lawyer' is but someone who has passed their tests and is licensed only with their approval. As a result, lawyers are overwhelmed with case study in commercial law, ignoring that which defines its jurisdiction. My father is a Harvard Law School grad -- he is a trial lawyer, and that is what he knows and sees. But he knows nothing about the common law or even about proper jurisdiction. He has been taught how to use the law for 'social justice' and has set free many repeat offenders on technicalities. He has no idea of anything related to common law related to land (as opposed to 'real estate'), money (as opposed to debt instruments), rights (as opposed to government entitlements), and even the origin and source of government power. The US legal system is but a tool for keeping the populace as wards of the state, over which the legal establishment will preside and rule according to government diktat.

    As for this quote, there are probably more lawyers for Treaty Law than against it -- lawyers need high paying jobs, and standing up for your country usually does not pay as well as foreign countries trying to get a piece of the American pie.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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