"Not every item of news should be published.
Rather must those who control news policies endeavor
to make every item of news serve a certain purpose."
Joseph Paul Goebbels
(1897-1945) Nazi Propaganda Minister
Diary, 14 March 1943
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Reader comments about this quote:
The path that the radical right and GOP use so effectively today...
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
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    Very timely, should be read by all Americans, especially the ones who watch main stream TV news.
     -- Joe Miller, Sr, Metropolis, IL     
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    TV stations should be required to dispaly today's three quotes at the beginning and end of every 'news' show.
     -- Anonymous     
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    Today's media doesn't state all the facts. They show only the facts that will "...make every item of news serve a certain purpose." For example, every gunshot that wounds someone is reported, but you don't hear about the 2.5 million times each year guns stop a crime, or that most of the time a shot is never fired. Give me the facts, so I may realize the benefit of guns.
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
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    Karl Rove = Goebbels
     -- David McGarry, Ventura     
     -- Tina, NY      
     -- georgey porgey, Azerbaijan     
    Can you say OBAMA? Can we control the people through information? Yes we Can!
     -- Brian Golas, Richmond, RI     
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     -- dfdsf, CA      
    Welcome to Amerika. I'm not quite sure how to rate this; 5 stars for accuracy of the quote - the strength of religious propaganda through a media such as news or, a thumbs down for accuracy of the quote - for how depraved the news has become. The reporting of events (news) no longer deals with unbiased truth, liberty, law or justice but rather, a spin that would proselytize the advancing aims and dogmas of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land. Goebbels' certain purpose, and the service thereof through so called 'news', is the same today as it was then. Expanding the religion of socialism. "National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel." (Joseph Geobbels diary, Dated 16 October 1928)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Reston says: "The path that the radical right and GOP use so effectively today."
    If that's his truth how does he explain that it's the RADICAL LEFTISTS whose agenda is advancing with the help of their lapdog news media while the right is holding on by their fingernails endeavoring to safeguard our RIGHTS and turn back the blatant political corruption, cultural and moral decline of America but the truth is irrelevant to the Alinsky left, it is a detriment to their socialist agenda.

     -- Mike, Pleasant Hill     
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    Reston is a nut case. The leftists has been in control since Obama was elected, probably long before. A good comparison between the 2 parties is this: the democrats are communists and the republicans are socialists.
     -- Jim k, Austin     
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    Well said Jim K, Austin. Corruption resides within both parties. For those that love Liberty and Freedom, we stir up jealousy within both parties to expose oppression and tyranny. That is our right and responsibility to do so. !
     -- Ronw13, Yachats Or     
    Reston epitomizes the progressive, myopic, double-thinking required to prop up the ideal of socialism. The mainstream media -- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX -- are NATIONALISTIC in their tone and context. Nationalism is the supremacy of the State over the citizen -- the citizen is the subject of the State, whether democratic, monarchical, fascist, communist, whatever -- the State (and whoever is 'in charge') is the boss and can (and does) dictate to the people rules governing what would normally be under the responsibilities of the individual: to feed, house, and clothe oneself, to hunt, gather, produce, and trade, and all the rest ...

    The 'establishment' politicians are nationalist statists -- leaning to communism are the establishment Democrats, leaning to fascism are the establishment Republicans.

    A true 'republican' government regards the citizen as the origin of all state authority -- the State is hired by the citizens for the mutual protection of the rights they already have. In a republican government, independent and self-determining individuals form counties, which then form a state, then state governments make similar agreements with other republican states into a confederation -- sort of like the UN with each state still sovereign, like the People. In a nationalist government, the State is sovereign, in a republican government the individual is sovereign.

    Perhaps we ought to subdivide each party into the nationalist and the 'responsibilitist' -- who believes the State is the boss and who believes the people are the boss?

    I think you will find that the political process has been rigged in favor of nationalism, to the point the American citizen (like Reston) no longer thinks of himself as master of his own destiny and responsible for the condition and quality of his/her life, but instead demands to be a ward of the state as a 'right.'
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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